Our Brand


“Tradition, Heritage and Experience”

This three words are a summary of what our brandmeans for our consumers and also an inspiration for the company to bring to their tables the most deluxe pasta we have ever made.

Golden Harvest was born out of the need for our consumers, home cooks experts and beginners of every age, who are looking for the best consistency, texture and flavor so they can feel confident and inspired to prepare the most varied and tastiest pasta dishes.

All our pastas are made out of 100% Durum Wheat, which is used to make authentic Italian pasta, however with Golden Harvest we even select this durum wheat.

What makes us call it “Premium” pasta, is a result of a special selection of high protein wheat which is planted and harvested under special conditions in the desert valleys of the north-west of Mexico (Border with California). Thermic change of sunny days and cold nights, low rainfall, extreme temperatures, morning dew at the desert, and others make this wheat one of a kind, valuable and wanted for many pasta manufacturers.

For all this benefits and reasons GOLDEN HARVEST is the brand that brings you confidence that inspires “flavorable” moments.