La Moderna - Values

We believe that prosperity, happiness and success can only be obtained following the path of work.


The ability of our people to manage the physical, financial and technological resources will result in obtaining and achieving goals and objectives.

Good Faith

Always acting in good faith can overcome the obstacles and problems that arise in life however great these may seem.


One of the greatest virtues of human beings , we want to be true to our principles, our ideals, our neighbors and especially loyal to ourselves.


We can not be content with the good, we have to take that extra mile to achieve excellence in everything we do . From industrial processes , the products we manufacture , the service we provide to our customers , accounting records , responsibilities to our country and care for the environment.

Our People

It is the most important element of the company, we promote their development, training and participation in the decision making process, this being the center of the company.


We believe that teamwork is the best way of doing any work , so we promote at all levels of our organization.


We believe that our organization's main responsibilities are to provide efficient and honest leadership, set goals of the organization and report achieving them or deviations from them.


We believe in honesty factor as a business and personal development , which is promoted at all levels of the company.


For us, responsibility is to act confident and committed to what we do and what we do. It's who in the exercise of their freedom and ability to make decisions acts when he needs to act and assume all risks and consequences of their actions , decisions and omissions.