Good night sleep is the basis of a healthy lifestyle

Did you know, that an average adult needs to sleep between 5 and 9 hours to have good energy levels and good health. Share this post if you meet your sleep!

For vegetarians and vegans, pasta is the key.

Vegetarianism or Veggie has 4 variables: 1. Semi- or partial vegetarian 2. Lacto 3. Lacto-ovo vegetarian 4. Vegan or #Veggie

Avoiding dairy helps with spots and skin.

To improve your skin's health, and avoiding acne, avoid dairy products such as milk and cheese. When you do however enjoy these products, remember to choose the low-fat option!

Pasta is accessible, practical and nutritious.

Pasta is one of the most accessible elements for any budget. In addition to being very economical, it is also practical to cook and serve delicious meals, regular weekday meals as well as for more special weekend dishes.

Eating fish provides health benefits for your skin

If you're going to eat meat, avoid red or other meats with excessive fat, and prefer fish, or barbecued chicken. Eggs you can consume twice a week. See how this diet improves your skin!